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Who we are

BPM Advisors, LLC is a human-centric IT services firm focused on delivering comprehensive technology solutions governed by a simple premise: address dynamic business challenges using technology as a partner.


Established in 2008, BPM Advisors was founded upon the core principles of integrity, responsibility, sustainability, and continuous improvement. We work in partnership with our clients to add value by identifying solutions based on the operational realities of each client. This fosters the creation of solutions that are: customized, executable, and above all, sustainable.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, BPM Advisor’s client portfolio includes both public and private sector clients. Our consultants possess the academic depth, industry knowledge and operational expertise that can only be acquired through experience managing the implementation of complex solutions designed to enhance the performance of organizations.



Our Impact


Our impact is holistic, quantifiable, and enduring; we do not subscribe to band-aid solutions.

Whether the client’s goal is to gain a competitive edge, discover new revenue-generating streams, lower cost via increased efficiency, mitigate operating risk, or inspire an organizational transformation, our clients can have confidence that our solutions will make a lasting impact on their bottom line.



Our Mission

Our mission declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


Our Vision

Our vision is the framework for our purpose and guides every aspect of our business by governing what we seek to accomplish in order to produce meaningful, quality work and create lasting relationships.


Our People

- Ahmad Iqbal – President

- Byron Ramirez – Vice President

- Jason Adams - Director, Sales and Business Development


BPM Advisors, LLC

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