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Organizational Assessment and Development


In today’s knowledge worker based organizations, a new paradigm of assessment and development mindset needed to yield productive outcome. Yet, many organizations are still burdened with old models of bureaucratic command and controls that stifles creativity and stunts growth.

The expectations of the millennium generations are significantly different than those of the previous generations of workers. The prevailing organizational structure and its risk and reward system may not be inadequate and ineffective attracting and retaining these talents while meeting the challenges of competition and the demands for productive outcomes.

BPM Advisors (BPMA) assists clients in making the transition to more collaborative, flexible and innovative ways of doing business. In addition to addressing what is visible on surface level, we dive deep to explore the “rest of the iceberg”, and provide holistic diagnosis instead of just addressing the symptoms. We employ traditional (e.g., employee engagement surveys, personality traits analysis, etc.) and customized tools required to assess state of an organization including the capabilities of management and rank-and-file staff, the alignment between management and staff, and other cultural aspects.

We rely on our own extensive experience with organizational assessment and development, relevant research, as well as knowledge and wisdom gained from our experiences with our client organization– to provide direction and guidance to assess, develop and/or re-engineer organizational models to optimize its human capabilities to retain edge in a rapidly evolving competitive calculus.

BPMA provides the following services:

· Development of Shared Vision, Mission and Goals

· SWOT Analysis

· Address issues regarding human behaviors in the organizations (e.g., Risk and Reward, Motivation, Mentorship, Nurturing, etc.)

· Management and Staff Alignment Gap Analysis

· Assess existing organizational model for effectiveness and efficiency

· Develop plans to encourage result-centric organizational culture

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