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Many businesses know what change they want to achieve but cannot clearly define how to get where they want to go. Ideally change is managed in a systematic, planned, and methodical way that addresses the needs of the people, customers as well as the business. BPM Advisors (BPMA) can help make your next business transition more manageable by facilitating each stage of the change process.

The cornerstone of successful organizational change lies in stakeholder buy-in. To secure buy-in, participation, and the sustainability of any change-related effort BPMA employs a two-pronged, Inver-T© approach, which targets stakeholders at all organizational levels. This approach bears maximum results, because it allows us to seek guidance from change agents and sponsors (in the vertical ‘Y’ axis’), all while getting input/buy-in from stakeholders (in the horizontal ‘X’ axis) at each stage of the change process. We define ‘stakeholders’ as anyone who has a stake (vested interest) or is directly or indirectly impacted by the outcome of the change in progress.

This approach helps BPMA successfully navigate through the ‘turf war’, spheres of influence and ultimately brings all relevant parties together to secure long-term adoption of any change-related effort.


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