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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) has introduced a paradigm shift in the Technology and Business relationship. With BPM, Business, not IT, drives the change.

Using Value Chain principle, we will help you increase operational efficiency and explore new revenue sources by reviewing your current end-to-end process flow as you provide your product or service to the external customer. We'll ask the probing questions to understand and have you re-think about the relevance of your existing practice under current operational realities, and act as a facilitator by helping you "see" the built-in inefficiencies, and develop an optimized process.

We found some businesses especially some of our clients who are family-run enterprises, workflow and business processes are either not clearly defined or exist as tacit knowledge retained by the few members including the founders. We help such clients with clean-slate process mapping that includes factors such as actual hours worked, usage of technology, etc.


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