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Business Process Outsourcing

BPM Advisors (BPMA) has extensive experience in helping its clients with outsourcing its business processes that are determined as "commodities". We provide due diligence on our clients' behalf to find the provider that is best suited for our client's business. We do not automatically advise for off-shore outsourcing. In fact, in many cases, we calculated the ROI on our currents behalf including often ignored cost of multiple QA (Quality Assurance) checks both off-shore and on-shore; and advised our clients against off-shore outsourcing.

Armed with actual cost-benefit analysis data, we advise our clients the approach that is at their best interest instead of catering to the prevailing trend. We help our clients with IT managed services for their infrastructure needs, Disaster Recovery (DR), Security, Storage including Cloud Computing, Reporting Services, etc.

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