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Interneer is a leader in human-centric Business Process Management (BPM) solutions. We provide companies of various sizes, the simplest and quickest way to automate business process and workflow with the Intellect Platform.

What separates Interneer’s Intellect platform from other BPM products is its all-encompassing nature; it is comprised of all the components necessary for a comprehensive BPM solution within one platform. Simple form creation experience, visual workflow process design, integrated database, reporting wizards, business calculation engine and plain English business logic provide the ability to automate any human-centric business process. In addition, the point and click design environment makes it possible to allow your organization and our professional services to create seriously needed business process and workflow automation solutions based on your specific needs.

BPM Advisors is authorized to sell all product solutions from Interneer’s line of products. For more detail on Interneer’s products, please go to:



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